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1. Should I shampoo my hair, while sewn in? Bi-Weekly install maintenance is recommended for any type of sew in. Either perform a full wash and condition or just co-wash to keep hair healthy and withstand life. 

2. What products do you recommend? We recommend the Organix Argon Oil line, which provides moisture to your extensions. It will leave your hair hydrated and looking like new. For edge control, we recommend Lotta Body Edge Gel. It has hold but doesn't leave a white residue. 

3. How do I dry my hair? Preferably dry hair under a hooded dryer for at least 1.5 hours. Hair can be air dried naturally if uninstalled. Blowdrying hair will cause frizz.

4. Is heat protectant recommended?  Yes. Heat protectant is always recommended when applying heat to any type of hair.

5. Ready for bed? However you "style" your hair for bed,  be sure to always tie it up with a satin material or protect it with a satin bonnet.